AAG has assembled an in-house team of experts in all aspects of marketing for the fitness industry. We leverage the skills and experience of our people to provide you with the benefits of a professional marketing department without the expense. We have the expertise and industry contacts needed to help you chart out your marketing strategy, and then implement it in a professional, polished way, allowing you to focus on your customers and do what you do best.

Whether you need strategic marketing and sales support, social media marketing, merchandising support or a complete marketing campaign, AAG Fitness Group can help.



AAG focuses on recruiting for the fitness and leisure industry, especially for mid- and senior-level hires. We work directly with general managers and directors, using our time and experience in the fitness industry to help them find truly exceptional candidates to fill important roles in their company. We also provide free job postings for lower level positions.

We specialise in placing middle to senior management and executive candidates with our clients in the fitness industry. Our primary focus is customer service, making sure you get the quality people you need for your business to grow and thrive. AAG has years of experience working in the fitness and leisure industry, so we truly understand the challenges you face when it comes to finding exceptional talent for high level openings.

Recruitment Search & Solution

AAG Recruitment works closely with our clients at each stage of our on-site recruitment solution, from sourcing, through the interview process to hiring the ideal applicant.

AAG helps you
Identify and head-hunt the best talent
Analyse and understand your requirements
Use a proactive approach through our expansive network of talent (not job boards)
Develop useful relationships in the market
Design the best and most cost effective recruitment solution for your business, and lastly
Provide free job postings.

We've all been there, trawling through the job boards. Searching for a job can be an exhausting process, and our aim is to make the job search not only easier, but more effective. By letting us represent you, you gain access to the most relevant and exciting opportunities for your career. We sort through not just the job listings, but our own network of contacts to find you real opportunities, not access to a huge list of jobs which aren’t right for you.

AAG provides
A consultative approach, seeking to understand your goals and what drives you
Only the most relevant opportunities, that further your own career goals
Passion about the leisure industry and your place in it, and
The simple promise to always return your call. 

Business Development & Marketing

Whether you need to rethink your sales or marketing strategy and current methods or simply need help to complete a marketing campaign, AAG Fitness Group can help.

Do you need to grow your business but don’t have the time, money or know-how? Most small businesses will struggle with growth at some point. They may not understand the latest market developments or how best to create new sales channels and approaches. AAG has the skills and experience to help analyse your marketing needs, the infrastructure you currently have in place in order to help you implement or revise your plans quickly and effectively.

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